Seaboard Marine is pleased to continue its long-standing tradition of giving back to Liga Contra el Cancer’s fight against cancer. We recently joined La Liga El Cancer’s annual fundraising broadcast and presented a $10,000 donation to further their cause. For the last 20 years, Seaboard Marine has supported the worthy organization, which serves cancer patients throughout South Florida with an intake and treatment facility.

Time and time again, Liga Contra el Cancer has demonstrated exemplary stewardship by making a vast difference in the lives of Floridians living with cancer. We know first-hand and can attest to the league’s generosity and humanitarian efforts as they have often served families and friends of our employees with needed medical care and attention. Their long-standing commitment to helping ensure that support and treatment is available to anyone stricken with cancer is commendable.

Seaboard Marine’s President Edward Gonzalez said, “This is a tradition we are proud to continue in 2020 as many cancer patients are at a greater risk due to the onset of COVID-19. Seaboard Marine is honored to be involved with the Liga Contra El Cancer fundraising efforts and applaud them for their tremendous work. We wish them many more successful years of making a meaningful difference in our community.”