Photo credit: GT Callouts

Seaboard Marine paid for the Guyana Motor Racing Sports Club (GMRSC) to host a two-day International Circuit Racing event on November 12 and 13, 2022, on the newly remodeled track of the South Dakota Circuit in Timehri, Guyana. Drivers and riders from all over the Caribbean took part.

The GMRSC is a race club in Guyana that organizes a series of racing events throughout the year. The club’s mission is to develop and promote motorsports in the Caribbean region. The club supports circuit, drag, endurance, international competition, and junior karting racing. By organizing events and competitions, these clubs can help to raise the profile of motorsports in the area and attract more participants and spectators, creating a greater sense of community and fostering a more substantial interest in the sport.

Stephen Bell, Regional Vice President, said, “We’re proud to support GMRSC and their mission to provide a way for people with a shared interest in motorsports to come together and engage. They are an important part of the sporting community in the Caribbean, providing opportunities for participation, socialization, business networking, and the promotion and development of the sport.”