The 2020 Hurricane season saw successive hurricanes impact Central America in November. Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit the region back-to-back within three weeks, creating unimaginable hardships in addition to the Covid-19 pandemic. The torrential rain brought by the two hurricanes caused landslides, flooding, and destruction in large areas of Central America. Honduras was among the hardest hit in the region and, several weeks later, is still recovering.

With a history of facilitating trade for nearly 40 years, Seaboard Marine donated ocean transportation services for multiple cargo containers from organizations across the United States shipping hurricane relief cargo to Honduras. The donations, organized by churches, nonprofit organizations, rotary clubs, and other organizations, were distributed to those in need. Among the items donated were household goods, food items, clothing, cleaning supplies, medicine, and healthcare products.

Jose Concepcion, VP of Central America, said, “Our relationship with the Honduran community goes back many decades, and our hearts are with those who have encountered the devastating effects of two major hurricanes. For the last several weeks, we have graciously donated our services to aid in the relief efforts in Honduras.

He added, “The foundation of our longevity and continued success remains with our commitment to the highest level of service to our customers. As a reliable partner, we serve businesses of all shapes and sizes that contribute to the very communities that support the region’s economic well-being. We are committed and will continue to support these valuable charitable organizations and causes.”