Today, Seaboard Marine delivered its first shipment of Hass avocados from Santa Marta, Colombia, to South Florida’s market. The recent certification of Hass avocados by the Colombian Agricultural Institute provided a new opportunity to supply this Colombian fruit to American consumers. With the use of Seaboard Marine’s fast transit, delivery times, and a superior refrigerated container fleet, exporting to the United States via PortMiami has proved ideal for the recently approved Colombian producers.

Edward Gonzalez, Seaboard Marine President, said, “With a strong history in PortMiami and a strong commitment to Latin America, we tailor our reliable and efficient sailings to our customers’ needs. Importers of all perishables into PortMiami appreciate the fast transits and outstanding service.”

“We thank Seaboard Marine for continuing to keep goods moving from ship to shelf via PortMiami during these challenging times,” said Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez. “Our community will now enjoy Hass avocados from Santa Marta, Colombia, thanks to this partnership.”

“Our partners at Seaboard Marine have been connecting the U.S. to the Caribbean Basin, Central, and South America via PortMiami for more than thirty years,” said Vice-Chair Rebeca Sosa, Chairwoman of the Tourism and the Ports Committee. “We’re proud to receive this first shipment of Colombian Hass avocados, and want to thank Seaboard Marine and their customers for their trust in our seaport.”

Seaboard Marine’s brand of premium ocean transportation service is bringing new business to PortMiami. This two-way trade lane is strengthening PortMiami and Seaboard Marine’s growth opportunities throughout the U.S. markets.