Seaboard Marine was a proud sponsor and active participant in Miami-Dade County’s Baynanza Biscayne Bay Cleanup Day 2024. This incredible initiative was the culmination of a two-month awareness campaign highlighting the importance of Biscayne Bay, one of the most vital ecological systems in South Florida 

Over 60 dedicated Seaboard Marine team members and friends, alongside thousands of volunteers, united to restore and protect our bay’s precious shoreline at 33 locations throughout the County on April 12, 2024. This collective effort underscores our commitment to protecting the environment and ocean life.

Seaboard Marine is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of our communities. Our participation in Baynanza reflects our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. Biscayne Bay faces numerous challenges, including pollution and degraded water quality. Baynanza raises critical awareness and mobilizes community efforts to address these issues, promoting a healthier and cleaner environment.

Heartfelt gratitude to all of our passionate volunteers whose collective efforts made this day a resounding success!