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  • Contacting Support
  • Hours of Operation
  • Having trouble contacting us?
  • How do I indicate urgency?
  • Not receiving support replies via email?

If you’re having a technical issue that you need help with, reach out to our Support Team. This article covers your options for contacting us.

Contacting Support

There are a few different options for contacting the Support Team, depending on your preferred method of contact:

Method of Contact Recommended Also Available
Email Support Form X
Direct by Email X
Request Return Call via Email Support Form X
Direct by Phone X

Request Return Call Phone Support

If your preferred contact is via phone, please indicate your desire for a phone call in the message field of the Email Support page. Please be sure to give us the details of your issue, and let us know you need a call. We’ll find the right expert to help with your issue.

Hours of Operation

Our Support Team is available Monday – Friday between 8: 30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M Standard Eastern Time.

Having Trouble Contacting Us?

If you are not currently a MySeaboard customer, you should be! Contact our Sales Team to learn more about MySeaboard (click “Contact Sales” here).

  • If you are not logged into MySeaboard and you click the Help link, you will be directed to Email Support form.

Not receiving case replies via email?

If you’re not receiving case replies from MySeaboard Support via email, you may need to have your IT team whitelist the email addresses and IPs we use to send them: