Seaboard Marine wishes to advise its valued customers that we are actively monitoring Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Storm Marco. We anticipate some impacts to our operations early next week, however, at this time, our port operations and vessel schedules continue as normal.

Tropical Storm Laura is currently slightly east of Puerto Rico and is on a northwest track. Our facilities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti are open today and are expected to remain open through the weekend despite a Tropical Storm warning for the northern coast of both countries. The forecast track includes potential impacts early next week in South Florida and/or the U.S. Gulf Coast. PortMiami is fully open today but is now under U.S. Coast Guard readiness condition “Whiskey”, which has accelerated our preparations to protect our facilities, equipment, and cargo. All trucking and rail services will be operating normally today and tomorrow.

The center of Tropical Storm Marco is currently north of the Honduran coast and is headed northwest. Our Honduran facilities are open today and are expected to continue with normal operations through the weekend. The forecast track includes possible impacts early next week in the U.S. Gulf Coast.

As the two storms’ trajectory and strength continue to evolve, we will continue to provide updates as developments occur. The safety of our staff, crews, vessels, and our customer’s cargo is of the utmost importance.

We appreciate the patience and support of our customers during the 2020 Hurricane Season.