APM Terminals, under the authority of the Ministry of Transportation of Costa Rica, has announced adjustments to various operating charges for import and export cargo. As a result of these adjustments, Seaboard Marine will be increasing the Costa Rica Terminal Handling Charge by $10 per container effective September 27, 2019.

Imports to Costa Rica (Southbound)    Previous LevelNew LevelAdjustment
20′ Container$450.00$460.00$10.00
40′ Container$450.00$460.00$10.00
45′ 96″ Container$450.00$460.00$10.00
45′ 102″Container$450.00$460.00$10.00
40′ Refrigerated Container$450.00$460.00$10.00
Exports from Costa Rica (Northbound)Previous LevelNew LevelAdjustment
20′ Container$350.00$360.00$10.00
40′ Container$350.00$360.00$10.00
45′ 96″ Container$350.00$360.00$10.00
45′ 102″Container$350.00$360.00$10.00
40′ Refrigerated Container$350.00$360.00$10.00

As always, we thank you for your continued support.