With deep sadness, Caribseas, Seaboard Marine agents, announced the passing of longtime leader, Mr. James Hesketh Clarvis Joseph. He was 67.

 Born in Antigua, Clarvis and his company Caribseas served as the agent for Seaboard Marine in St. Johns for the last 27 years. Throughout the years, Clarvis was a key contributor within Seaboard Marine, expanding Antigua’s service offerings. He contextualized and oversaw Seaboard Marine’s growth in Antigua, from transporting one container per week to becoming the country’s leading agent.

 President of Seaboard Marine, Edward Gonzalez, said, “Clarvis was a dear friend of mine. We have worked together for a long time, and I am saddened by his death and for his family. He will be missed. Clarvis played a vital role in fostering trade in Antigua, where consignees can now send and receive cargo throughout the Eastern Caribbean.”

 The management and employees of Seaboard Marine extend our deepest sympathy to his family.