Seaboard Marine wishes to advise its valued customers of  Rule 002 sub rule 054 Fumigation service – only to be provided via Port Miami, FL.

Effective December 28, 2017 on full container load shipments where U.S. Customs, USDA or any other government agency requires fumigation at a designated facility, the following charges shall apply:

1. When the container that requires fumigation does not require the cargo to be manipulated (cargo remains in existing container without re-handling) the charge will be $696.50 per container.

2. When the container requiring fumigation is transferred from one container to another container (swap equipment) for fumigation and thereafter does not require the cargo to be re-stuffed into the original container the charge will be $696.50.

3. When only a portion of the cargo requires fumigation and it must be segregated from the original container and loaded into another container for fumigation the charge will be $946.50.

4. When the container requires the cargo to be placed into two containers for fumigation the charge will be $1,296.50.

The above charges are inclusive of drayage to the designated fumigation facility, fumigation service, return drayage from the designated fumigation facility to Carriers’ terminal and, if applicable, reloading the original container.

Cargo shall be handled in accordance with Carriers maximum weight limitations either under the general tariff rule or as an exception under the specific commodity. Any cargo that cannot be reloaded into the original container because it will exceed the maximum weight limitations shall be assessed the applicable excess weight tariff charge plus any additional drayage required to transport the excess cargo.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.