Seaboard Marine recently added 1,370 high cube refrigerated units to its refrigerated container fleet, of which 415 are equipped with special controlled atmosphere technology, to meet the growing needs of our perishable import and export customers. The new containers are among the most energy efficient and technologically advanced in our fleet. Also, this year Seaboard Marine acquired over 4,000 new 20, 40 and 45-foot dry containers for use in the growing Latin America and Caribbean markets.

“Seaboard Marine continuously upgrades both the quantity and quality of our container fleet,” said Bruce Brecheisen, Executive Vice President. “Along with our commitment to reliable service and customer satisfaction, we offer the highest quality equipment that safeguards cargo while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.”

Regarded as an industry leader in supporting sustainable procurement, MCI, one of the world’s premier container manufacturers, built most of these recently received refrigerated containers including those with controlled atmosphere capability.  The modern construction processes minimize material used while optimizing structural strength, which makes the units more energy efficient and repair-friendly.

“A commitment to exceed industry standards and unrivaled experience in Latin America and the Caribbean Basin has enabled us to consistently provide our customers an equipment fleet that results in reliability, usability and efficiency on an unmatched level,” noted Brecheisen.