Seaboard Marine is a regional ocean transportation carrier who understands the importance of being an environmentally conscious and socially responsible company. To carry out this commitment, it is Seaboard Marine’s policy to strive to ensure that all aspects of our business have the least harmful effect on the environment and provide the maximum positive effect to our community by implementing a company-wide program which consists of the four following components:

Being a diverse company, Seaboard Marine has implemented changes throughout our operations and offices to address our environmental obligations. Some of the current initiatives include recycling used batteries and scrap metal from repaired containers, equipment and ships. Also, our modern refrigerated container fleet uses ozone-friendly refrigerants that also increase energy efficiency. We continually evaluate emerging technologies to reduce the environmental impact of our vessels, such as adjusting and replacing propellers and rudder bulbs with modern designs. Further, Seaboard Marine works exclusively with accredited environmental firms for disposal of used tires and any items or substances that contain oil. Finally, we have implemented enhanced procedures to prevent potential oil spills during receipt and transfer of fuel used in our vessels and other operating equipment.
Seaboard Marine promotes involvement domestically and abroad for each of the locations where we operate. Our employees are the primary factor in helping to determine what projects and events in which we participate. In addition, our Human Resources Department also encourages employee participation in long-standing annual events such as the Jackson Memorial Holiday Toy Drive since 1989, the Mercedes Benz Corporate Run which benefits charity partners since 1998, the Multiple Sclerosis Walk since 2002, and the Miami-Dade County School Supply Drive since 2004.
Seaboard Marine is a generous contributor to various international and local organizations. Many of the charitable donations are made to leading global organizations; however local charities are also a focus of Seaboard Marine’s scope. Seaboard promotes involvement domestically and overseas for each of the locations where we operate. Employees are a driving factor in helping to determine where funds are allocated.
Seaboard Marine works closely with governmental agencies to be in the foreground of all disaster relief efforts for the areas where we conduct business. In the Caribbean Basin, this revolves primarily around hurricane and earthquake relief. Agencies such as the American (or International) Red Cross, USAID, Catholic Relief Services, Salesian Missions, Food for the Poor, Project Cure, and the Greater Commission Alliance are assisted in moving urgently needed goods quickly to destination at a greatly reduced freight rate, or in some instances, free of charge.
Community & Sustainability Update 2017

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