As a part of a strategy to improve productivity and capacity at its Port of Miami facility, Seaboard Marine has added two more new Liebherr-built LMH400 cranes to its terminal operations. These two mobile harbor cranes each have an outreach of 148 feet and a maximum capacity of 115 short tons.

Built in Austria for Panamax-sized vessels, the LMH400 can handle up to 13 cargo containers across, depending upon the configuration.  A multi-purpose crane, the LMH400 can be used for different types of cargoes: containers, bulk products and product loading. In the case of Seaboard Marine’s Port of Miami operations, they will be principally used for loading containers on and off the more than 70 vessels that call on Seaboard’s Port of Miami berths each month. Since these cranes travel on tires, they can go any direction and the logical ergonomic design allows for ease of operation.

These two new mobile harbor cranes join two other nearly identical LMH400 cranes currently at Seaboard’s Port of Miami facility.

Edward Gonzalez, Seaboard Marine’s President, said “We have been a Liebherr crane owner since 2001 and are extremely pleased with the reliability of the cranes that Seaboard Marine currently owns and uses at the Port of Miami. By now having four Liebherr mobile harbor cranes of the same size, we will be able to increase our productivity. The versatility to our operations by having four matched LMH400 cranes will result in improved cargo turnaround. These new cranes compliment the infrastructure and berthing improvements that the Port of Miami is making at the Seaboard terminal and will create a huge benefit our customers.”