The Border Police of Honduras approached Seaboard Marine last year seeking support for the development of their K9 security force at the port of Puerto Cortes. The specially trained dogs were in the process of being donated by the U.S. Embassy, however, they needed a home. Puerto Cortes was one of the first ports in Latin America to achieve Container Security Initiative (CSI) status but it lacked a strong K9 element.  K9s play a very important role in detection and deterrence of smuggling of contraband within the operations of seaports.   Seaboard de Honduras donated the funds to construct several kennels that now house the K9 team in Puerto Cortes. The kennels were constructed in November and they are now filled with a strong team of well-trained dogs that are helping protect the movement of trade through Honduras.

Ms. Daisy Pastor, General Manager of Seaboard de Honduras, said, “We were delighted to assist in the needs of the Puerto Cortes as security is a team effort where all parties in the supply chain must contribute. As part of Seaboard Marine’s comprehensive security program and commitment to C-TPAT, the dogs now search our vessels and cargoes for contraband prior to each departure at Puerto Cortes.”