Seaboard Marine has recently received 430 new 40-foot refrigerated (reefer) high-cube containers.  The final group of one hundred (100) new reefers was loaded last month in Qingdao, China and was discharged yesterday at Seaboard’s terminal in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.  330 similar new containers were received in Costa Rica in September.  All 430 of these new units have been or will be promptly integrated throughout the Seaboard Marine network to satisfy customer demand.

“Seaboard Marine has made a strong and steady effort in recent years to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, built with superior specifications, to maintain a high level of service with consistent reliability and customer satisfaction”, said Edward Gonzalez, President.  “We have purchased over 2,500 new 40-foot reefer high-cube containers since 2008 in order to improve the overall quality of our refrigerated fleet with plans for more.  In addition to this group of 430 new reefer boxes just received, we placed an order last week for 340 more new refrigerated containers that should be delivered in December, 2012.”

MCI, one of the world’s premier container manufacturers, built most of these recently received steel containers and will also be constructing the next order of 340 containers.  Honored as the industry’s leader in developing environmentally friendly sustainable solutions and products, MCI’s modern construction processes minimize material use while optimizing structural strength, which amongst other features, makes these units more energy efficient, hygienic and repair friendly.  The actual cooling machinery uses environmentally sound R-134a, which has the lowest global warming potential of all contemporary container refrigerants.  Combined with improved energy consumption and lower emissions, these units create a positive overall environmental impact.

“Adding 770 new forty-foot refrigerated containers to our fleet in the fourth quarter is a strong statement towards our valued customers, employees and environment.  The MCI reefer containers help fulfill our mission to promote environmental protection both at sea and land.  Using industry leading refrigeration equipment in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, benefits not only Seaboard Marine and our customers, but also the communities in which we live and operate” noted Gonzalez.