After nearly six months of construction, Seaboard Marine is pleased to announce the completion of a major expansion project at our headquarters and Miami warehouse facility. Among the many improvements were 64,000 square feet of additional warehouse space complimented with many infrastructure improvements to increase cargo handling capabilities. And with an emphasis on long-range sustainability, this project is packed with energy saving designs and the in latest low energy technology.

Edward Gonzalez, Seaboard Marine President and CEO, said “To keep pace with the increasing demand for reduced trucker wait time and to accommodate heavier cargo volume on the horizon, we have enhanced our Miami warehouse facility by creating more space but also better use of technology. By strengthening our infrastructure and long-term sustainability through projects such as this one, we will be well positioned to maintain our leadership role in the markets we serve well into the future.”

Additional square footage and expanded bay doors improve the intake capacity and alleviates wait time when visiting the facility. Coupled with expanded trucking lanes and additional paving for container staging, trucker turn-around will now operate at peak efficiency. Further improvements include additional rail siding and cross docking with a covered loading platform which expand handling capabilities for more diverse commodities such as grain and other raw materials typically moved inland via rail boxcars. Reinforced wireless capabilities throughout the facility improve the communication abilities of the handheld devices as well as enhancing security systems. Finally, white reflective roofing, energy efficient ventilation and low-energy lighting are some of the many factors that contribute to this projects long-range sustainability.

Dan O’Neil, Director of Compliance and LCL Services, added, “The improvement of our warehouse and cargo handling capabilities is an example of our ongoing commitment to meet the growing needs of our customers.”