Seaboard Marine has proudly joined Wal-Mart and the Sergio Paiz Foundation (FUNSEPA) in their efforts to strengthen the education of Guatemalan children. Seaboard Marine has assisted by providing a special donation shipping rate from the United States to Guatemala for 1,731 computers donated by Wal-Mart U.S.A. The cargo has been donated to FUNSEPA, founders of “Technology to Educate” for the children of Guatemala.

In September, 2007, the first shipment arrived in Guatemala and the containers loaded with the aforementioned CPU’s equipped with monitors, keyboards, etc., were destined for various public schools in both rural and urban areas of Guatemala. According to Salvador Paiz, President of FUNSEPA, the 1,731 computers donated by Wal-Mart in collaboration with Seaboard Marine’s shipping services, are being distributed to 108 schools throughout different locations in Guatemala. Each of these schools are receiving considerable computer equipment and thus, more than 35,600 Guatemalan children are able to directly benefit from this joint effort.

Seaboard Marine’s Senior Vice President, Jose Perez-Jones said, “Seaboard Marine, long recognized as the leading ocean carrier to Central America, is very proud to have collaborated and donated our shipping services as true partners with Wal-Mart U.S.A., Wal-Mart Central America, and FUNSEPA. In gladly transporting Wal-Mart’s donation, Seaboard feels it has opened a door for these children in Guatemala to enjoy a brighter and more focused education using modern technology.”

Handled through Seaboard Marine’s Houston terminal, the last shipment of all fourteen containers and the distribution of the computer equipment to these 108 public schools in Guatemala is nearly complete. Mr. Perez-Jones assured that Seaboard Marine will continue to remain engaged with Wal -Mart and FUNSEPA in this noble and wonderful project.