Seaboard Marine has recently received 200 new 40-foot refrigerated (reefer) high-cube containers, the last of 520 that were ordered in 2011. The final group of new reefers were loaded last week in Qingdao, China and will soon be discharged at Seaboard Terminals in Guatemala (100) and Chile (100). These units will be promptly integrated throughout the Seaboard Marine network to satisfy customer demand.

“In the last three years, Seaboard Marine has made a concentrated effort to secure high-quality equipment, built with superior specifications, to serve our many valued customers, “said Edward Gonzalez, President. “We have purchased over 1,700 new 40-foot reefer high-cube containers since 2008 in order to improve both the size and quality of our refrigerated fleet with plans for more in 2012.”

MCI, one of the world’s premier container manufacturers, built all 520 of these steel containers. A leader in developing environmentally friendly sustainable solutions and products, MCI’s state-of-the-art construction processes minimize material use while optimizing structural strength, which amongst other features, makes these units more energy efficient, hygienic and repair friendly. The actual cooling machinery installed in these reefer containers is the high-performance PrimeLine unit made by Carrier Transicold. Featuring digital scroll technology, the PrimeLine model is designed specifically to improve energy consumption and reduce environmental impact and lifecycle costs. PrimeLine’s reduced power requirements also benefit the environment through conserving fossil fuel, thereby reducing emissions related to shipboard power generation. This machinery also uses environmentally sound R-134a, which has the lowest global warming potential of all contemporary container refrigerants.

“Seaboard Marine always sets high standards for quality service while searching for ways to further improve our environmental and social performance. We are proud of our efforts to help the environment by introducing the latest technology in steel reefer containers that consume less energy and use better refrigerants. Using industry leading products in energy efficiency, CO2 reductions and sustainability, benefits not only Seaboard Marine and our customers, but also the communities in which we live and operate.” added Gonzalez.