Seaboard Marine and Citikold, agents for Seaboard Marine in Ecuador, recently held a workshop with local plantain producers and exporters in El Carmen, Manabí, Ecuador. The workshop was conducted by Seaboard Marine’s highly-trained technicians to share basic knowledge of refrigerated container operations.  Participants had an opportunity to get hands-on experience with refrigerated unit functions, temperature controls, ventilation, optimal air-flow and how best to operate generator sets (gen-sets).

Following the tutorials, participants were guided through the most common features of our refrigerated container brands. Hands-on demonstrations were conducted to identify any differences in control panels and default settings. Participants also had an opportunity to observe ideal loading patterns within cargo containers to ensure their product’s optimum care within Seaboard Marine’s modern refrigerated fleet.

Additionally, the workshop included a security training element which enlisted the participation of the local anti-narcotic police, who demonstrated container inspection techniques and shared how adhering to best practices can help eliminate the introduction of contraband or contamination

Piero Buitano, Vice President of South America Services, said, “Seaboard Marine welcomes working closely with our customers and local police officials to help ensure both security and quality cargo handling throughout the transportation chain. Working in partnership with Ecuadorian plantain and bana growers benefits all of us.”