Earlier this month, Seaboard Marine completed construction on a new perishable cargo handling facility to aid in the managing of delicate refrigerated cargo. The facility provides a safe, reliable and temperature controlled environment for inspections and transfers while maintaining the quality and freshness of refrigerated cargo. Conveniently located at Seaboard Marine’s PortMiami facility, the 11,000 cubic feet cold chamber is less than a minute from vessel operations and 432 refrigerated container plugs available on-site.

“Protecting valuable cargo is our highest priority,” said Richard Rodriguez, Vice President of Terminal Operations. “We also understand the importance of protecting our local ecosystem from harmful pests and organisms. We see this investment, which is ideally located, as a win-win for Seaboard Marine and our valued customers.”

When importing to the United States, perishable cargo is subject to the United States Department of Agriculture and Customs and Border Patrol procedures and possible inspections. For temperature controlled cargo, inspections jeopardize exposure to potential temperature changes if not administered properly. Seaboard Marine’s new cold chamber facility eliminates this threat as well as providing customers with temperature controlled transfer capabilities when required.