Updated September 15, 2017. 9:00 a.m. EDT

Seaboard Marine wishes to advise our valued customers that from an operations perspective, we are now mostly in final stages of recovery efforts from Hurricane Irma. Please note, all our actions, both before and after the storm, have been based on protecting the safety of our vessels, personnel, equipment and cargo.

We appreciate the patience and support of our customers. We are also grateful for the dedication and support of our hard working employees and multiple government partners such as PortMiami, CBP and the U.S. Coast Guard. They have all been extremely helpful in preparing and promptly recovering from Irma.

We also extend our thoughts and concern to those adversely impacted by Irma.

United States Operations:

Seaboard Marine’s Miami office and warehouse and our PortMiami terminal are fully open and operating normally. The U.S. Coast Guard has allowed PortMiami vessel traffic to fully resume. A total of eight (8) vessels have discharged containers at our terminal in the last 48 hours. Most of those ships have already sailed southbound from PortMiami to multiple destinations as our sailing schedules gradually return to normal.

Local South Florida trucking by Seaboard Marine resumed on Tuesday. The FEC is essentially operating a full schedule as of today. Rail terminals for the FEC, Norfolk Southern and CSX are open and restarting normal operations.

All containers that were at a customer location shall have their free time extended for the duration of our PortMiami terminal closure, September 8 through September 11. Free time calculation resumed on Tuesday, September 12. Containers that moved under Carrier Haulage shall not be subject to detention charges so long as the customer has registered available pick-up through Seaboard Marine’s website or confirmed a pick-up number through Customer Service on or before September 12.

International Operations:

St. Maarten: Our office in Philipsburg is attempting to re-open but faces challenges. Operations are limited due to significant damages to local infrastructure, including the port, however we sailed southbound from Miami yesterday with cargoes bound for St. Maarten with planned arrival on September 17.

Antigua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and St. Kitts: All facilities are open and operating normally.