Seaboard Marine is pleased to announce that it has joined the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA) program.  For those not familiar with the UIIA, it is a standard agreement adopted in cooperation between many of North America’s ocean carriers, railroads and equipment pools to establish a uniform system of administering the interchanging of equipment (containers, chassis, etc.) between the equipment providers such as Seaboard Marine and motor carriers.  The UIIA program is universally recognized in North America as the industry standard interchange agreement and is in use by most major ocean carriers, railroads and equipment providers.  The UIIA program has over 6,700 motor carrier participants and most of the motor carriers currently used by Seaboard Marine customers are already UIIA participants.

Seaboard Marine will transition to the UIIA program effective August 5, 2013.    As of August 5, 2013, all motor carriers in the USA and Canada who haul Seaboard Marine equipment (chassis, containers, etc.), must be a UIIA participant motor carrier and approved by the UIIA to interchange equipment with Seaboard Marine.  Over the coming days, working with the UIIA staff, notices will be forwarded to motor carriers who are currently active Seaboard Marine interchange holders with instructions on how to become approved by the UIIA to interchange Seaboard Marine equipment. We have also provided links below to the UIIA for instructions on how both UIIA member and non-member motor carriers can be Seaboard Marine approved.     We  encourage  customers  to speak to  their  preferred  motor carrier(s)    about this transition to ensure these motor carriers take the necessary steps to become UIIA approved.  For customers utilizing the services of a freight broker, your broker is responsible for selecting motor carriers approved by the UIIA to interchange Seaboard Marine equipment.

Current UIIA motor carrier participants must login to the UIIA system to download the Seaboard Marine Ltd Equipment Provider Addenda and follow the easy steps provided to become an authorized interchange partner with Seaboard Marine.

Those motor carriers who are not participants in the UIIA program and who wish to maintain equipment interchange privileges with Seaboard Marine Ltd. must visit the UIIA website and review How to apply for participation in the UIIA.  Service providers who do not participate in the UIIA program will no longer be able to interchange Seaboard Marine Ltd. equipment effective August 5, 2013.

Seaboard Marine expects our transition to the UIIA to be seamless and transparent to our customers.  The popularity of the UIIA program will provide our customers with greater access to motor carriers and a more streamlined approval process for adding new motor carriers.

Should you have any questions regarding the UIIA program and its effect on your inland service provider we urge you to contact us

Download Seaboard Marine UIIA Participating Carrier Notice – Click here.

Download Seaboard Marine Non-UIIA Participating Carrier Notice – Click here.