Seaboard Marine recently acquired 650 new refrigerated containers to add to our current fleet.  The 600 forty-foot high cube and 50 twenty-foot containers, built to Seaboard Marine’s exacting standards, will meet the increased demand of both our import and export customers throughout the Americas.

Bruce Brecheisen, Executive Vice President, said, “Seaboard Marine’s efforts to continuously upgrade our equipment allows us to always offer the best-conditioned equipment to our perishable customers. These modern containers are more energy-efficient and repair-friendly, contributing to the reliability and consistently high level of service we provide to all of our valued customers.”

Coated with water-based solvent paint and equipped with controlled atmosphere capability, the new boxes will be strategically distributed throughout the Seaboard Marine network to support the growth of refrigerated cargo transportation to and from the markets we serve. Seaboard Marine has over 9,000 refrigerated containers in its fleet, the majority of which were acquired in the past four years, making it one of the youngest refrigerated container fleets in the industry.