Seaboard Marine has several customized security containers in its fleet that are used for security training.  These specially built training containers have been modified with compartments that could be used to conceal contraband.  The containers are invaluable tools used in the training of Seaboard’s staff and security partners in the detection and prevention of contraband smuggling.

Following recent training sessions for the Anti-Narcotic police at several ports in Colombia, Seaboard donated one of these training containers to the Colombian force.  In a letter sent last week thanking Seaboard for the donation, the Ministry of National Defense of Colombia stated that the modified Seaboard container is “an invaluable tool in the instruction of our people and community in the prevention and detection of contraband.”

“Seaboard Marine works very closely with local customs and law enforcement officials in the countries we operate and is always happy to provide training and support wherever possible,” said Dan O’Neil, Director of Security.

Seaboard Marine is a member of C-TPAT (Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) as well as other national and international agreements developed to protect various links in the cargo supply chain.

These customized containers have not only been used for security training by foreign authorities but also by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) in the United States. Using the Seaboard developed container, CBP has created a training film on empty container inspections that has been widely distributed to members of C-TPAT.