Seaboard Marine is nearing completion on its most recent phase of installing additional refrigerated plugs at its PortMiami terminal. With 140 more plugs being on-line by the end of the month, the total capacity of permanent electric outlets will be 432 plugs at the PortMiami facility.

The recent progress is part of a three year program to expand refrigerated capacity infrastructure at Seaboard Marine’s PortMiami terminal.  180 new refrigerated plugs were installed in 2013 while another 112 plugs were built in 2014 in conjunction with the repaving of over nine acres in the section of the terminal that handles refrigerated cargoes. The final phase of 140 plugs installed this month should eliminate the need for any diesel powered generators. These permanent outlets, used to provide electricity to refrigerated containers that are in-transit, provide a more reliable, efficient and cleaner source of energy to Seaboard Marine’s PortMiami facility.

Richard Rodriguez, VP-Terminal Operations, said, “With a total of 432 permanent plugs and a new berth adjacent to this area, Seaboard Marine can provide reliable energy and exemplary service to our growing base of customers that handle refrigerated cargoes. Using shore-based electricity is much cleaner with reduced emissions. This expanded refrigerated plug capacity helps both the environment and our customers.”