Due to a large oil spill in the Mississippi River that occurred July 23, the U.S. Coast Guard closed approximately 80 miles of the Mississippi River from New Orleans to the Southwest Pass. All commercial vessel traffic was prohibited for three days delaying the departure of the M/V Seaboard Pride which had discharged and loaded cargo at the Port of New Orleans on July 23. Fortunately, the Seaboard Pride was one of the stuck vessels that was allowed to sail southbound last night and the vessel is now in the Gulf of Mexico sailing to Central America. It is expected to dock in Puerto Cortes, Honduras the morning of Wednesday, July 30.

Seaboard Marine apologizes for these delays and is vigorously attempting to expedite the delivery of all cargoes and return to our normal sailing schedule. The M/V CEC Mirage has just been granted permission to transit the Mississippi River northbound tonight and is expected to make its regular call at our New Orleans terminal tomorrow (July 29) morning.

Please note that our cargo terminal in New Orleans has continued to operate regular hours and is receiving and delivering cargoes as normal.