Seaboard Marine is committed to a process of continuous improvement. In an effort to keep our valued customers informed on the latest issues affecting our industry, such as the SOLAS Verified Gross Mass requirement, a new Knowledge Base resource is now available. Here, customers will be able to browse articles and frequently asked questions (FAQs) as we aim to shed light on some of the complex topics and issues of our industry.

Still in its infancy, the website subsection now contains information regarding new verified gross mass (VGM) regulations that will take effect July 1, 2016. With many of the details regarding compliance, enforcement and documentation still unclear, Seaboard Marine is hoping the VGM topic and corresponding (FAQs) will serve as a valuable resource to shippers as the business processes surrounding the requirement evolve.

Joe Rodriguez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “The shipping industry is an ever changing landscape that often requires long held business processes to evolve and redevelop. It is our aim through initiatives of this nature to assist our customers in making those transitions as seamless as possible – through keeping them informed and providing unparalleled customer service.”

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