Seaboard Marine’s new gate complex at its PortMiami terminal successfully opened this morning. The new gate facility allows trucks to flow directly from Port Boulevard into the ninety (90) acre Seaboard Marine terminal.

The new gates, at the northeast corner of the Seaboard Marine terminal, will benefit Seaboard’s operations and trucker turnaround through streamlining gate processing while improving overall safety and security. Features of the new facility include multiple scales for inbound cargoes and “reversible lanes”. This provides Seaboard Marine added flexibility in gate operations, providing as many as seven (7) inbound lanes during peak inbound traffic periods, and as many as seven (7) outbound lanes when needed. By locating the new gates on the east end of the Seaboard Marine cargo terminal, reduces the amount of distance and time needed to move throughout the terminal to drop off and pick up containers. Further, the new consolidated entrance will be able in one general location to receive and handle cargoes of all types, including container deliveries and car carriers.

Edward Gonzalez, Seaboard Marine President said, “Seaboard Marine has always had a commitment to reduce truck turnaround time in its marine terminals and we have been consistently complimented by drivers for doing so. But we can always improve. The installation of this new enlarged facility at PortMiami will lead to continued improvements in gate processing efficiency and speed by promptly collecting all needed information to safely process cargoes while maintaining the highest levels of security. These new flexible gates, combined with other terminal improvements such as new cranes and berths, positions Seaboard Marine for further growth. ”