Seaboard Marine is pleased to announce the launching of a new direct service from Miami to Curacao and Aruba that will be the fastest liner schedule from Florida to the “ABC” islands. The new service will provide a fixed-day weekly rotation, utilizing three vessels, with the following schedule:

Miami Departure: Friday
Curacao Arrival: Tuesday
Aruba Arrival: Wednesday.

Other locations in the rotation after Aruba will include the Venezuelan ports of Isla Margarita, LaGuaira, Puerto Cabello, and Maracaibo.

Bob Schicchi, Seaboard Marine VP-South America, said, “This is an exciting development for our customers in Curacao and Aruba/Bonaire. Not only will we have the shortest transit time of any shipping line, this fixed-day service, departing every Friday, will also offer RoRo capability. Seaboard can accept a broad variety of cargoes including containers, rolling stock and breakbulk cargoes at our Port of Miami terminal. Further, this rotation will enable exports from these islands to multiple ports in Venezuela. Seaboard is committed to providing the best service, in all aspects, to our valued customers in Curacao and Aruba/Bonaire.”