Purchased earlier this year, Seaboard Marine just completed an extensive drydock of the M/V Jana, a 974 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent) container vessel. The versatile ship, renamed the M/V Seaboard Patriot, will soon be arriving at PortMiami.

“The Seaboard Patriot has the proper size and characteristics for the various types of cargoes that we carry to and from many nearby markets. The vessel has a unique ability to handle overwidth containers through flexible cell guides. It will be well-suited for the types, lengths, and widths of containers carried to and from various countries”, said Edward Gonzalez, Seaboard Marine President. “The customers that are moving these varied cargoes are vitally important to Seaboard Marine and have been the reason for our success for over three decades. By purchasing and upgrading the M/V Seaboard Patriot, it strengthens our overall fleet and broadens our foundation.”

With a deadweight of nearly 11,000 tons, the vessel was built in 2009 at the Detlef Hegemann shipyard in Germany. The vessel had been previously trading in northern Europe and just completed a drydock in Rotterdam where an energy efficient propeller and rubber bulb were installed.

Gonzalez added, “In 2012, we bought a sister vessel, the Seaboard Atlantic, which was built in the same German shipyard. We have been extremely pleased with its performance and are thrilled to secure a similarly constructed and well maintained vessel. We are proud to have acquired a fuel efficient vessel of this quality and look forward to the Seaboard Patriot being a vital part of the Seaboard Marine fleet for many years.”