December 7, 2018 –

The M/V Seaboard Ranger yesterday encountered a distressed fishing boat and 20 passengers off the coast of the Dominican Republic. The crew of the M/V Seaboard Ranger performed rescue procedures to save the stranded fishermen who were in the water clinging to their capsized craft.

Seaboard Marine’s Director of Fleet Operations, Captain Policarpo Mauricia, said, “Seaboard Marine’s trade lanes often coincide with areas frequented by commercial and local fishing vessels. At times, these waters contain distressed smaller boats. Our crews are mindful of this fact, offering assistance whenever possible.”

Once rescued, the survivors were in joyous spirits aboard the M/V Seaboard Ranger. Upon examination by crew members on the ship, it was confirmed that all 20 passengers were in good health and not injured. However, their capsized boat was left behind as the rescued were later safely transferred to a Dominican Republic Navy vessel at sea.

Captain Mauricia added, “Kudos to Captain Kirilov and the crew of the M/V Seaboard Ranger for their quick response in saving the lives of these individuals. We are proud of their actions.”