Seaboard Marine has several customized security containers in its fleet that are used for training the company’s security personnel as well as law enforcement.  These specially built training containers have been modified with hidden compartments that could be used to conceal contraband.  The customized containers are invaluable tools to assist in the training of Seaboard’s staff and security partners in the detection and prevention of contraband smuggling.

Seaboard Marine recently held training sessions for its local staff and the Houston office of Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) at Seaboard’s Jacintoport Terminal.  Over twenty CBP officers attended the training which also included an overview of Seaboard’s security procedures in foreign ports and aboard its vessels. CBP will be using the Seaboard container for additional training with a larger group of law enforcement officials in the Houston area later this month.

“Seaboard Marine works very closely with local customs and law enforcement officials in the countries and ports where we operate and is always happy to provide training and support wherever possible,” said Dan O’Neil, Seaboard Marine’s Director of Security.