During its annual Gala Ceremony in San Pedro Sula, Honduras last week, the Honduran Foundation for Social Responsibility awarded Seaboard Marine its prized “Fundarhse Seal”. The Fundarhse Seal represents outstanding recognition for companies who have successfully organized and carried out various Social Responsibility programs throughout Honduras.

Ms. Daisy Pastor, General Manager of Seaboard de Honduras, said, “Throughout the past year, the executive staff and management of Seaboard de Honduras worked tirelessly to integrate the workforce of our company with our customers, community groups and service providers to strengthen our outreach programs. Although “Social Responsibility” has always been at the heart of our parent company, Seaboard Corporation, through its many global efforts, our goal in Honduras this year was to visibly reach further into the community to share those values and assist those in need. We are proud to be the first and only steamship line in Honduras to have been awarded the Fundarhse ESR Seal, but more importantly, for what it represents.”

Seaboard is a co-founder of Fundarhse (established in 2004) and has for many years joined efforts and supported this group of responsible companies, many of which are valued customers of Seaboard Marine. Fundarhse has helped introduce a culture amongst the Honduran business community that the model of “social responsibility” sees commerce, along with other key stakeholders such as the government and the workforce, as a vibrant part of the community and environment. Together, these elements should strive to positively impact the quality of life throughout the country. And that the business model of all Fundarhse members should always consider the impact of business decisions on the broader community.

Marlene Mejia, Director of Sales for Seaboard de Honduras added, “In today’s complex and competitive market, the best companies in the world, including Honduras, choose to work with partners and suppliers that are socially responsible. Positively contributing to the quality of life in the communities that we serve is critical. Seaboard Marine strives to carefully choose only the finest employees and service providers knowing that the most respected customers expect no less than impeccable service from our team. This has been all along the driving force behind our efforts to position Seaboard Marine as the shipping line that can be trusted – a differentiation that translates into a true partnership with all of our customers and the communities that we serve.”

For more information about Fundarhse, please visit www.fundahrse.org.