Seaboard Marine today started a second weekly sailing from the Port of Miami to/from Panama and Costa Rica.

The new vessel rotation is composed of two vessels that sail on Fridays, return on Wednesdays, and lay over in Miami on Thursday to then sail on Friday. The Seaboard Costa Rica and Seaboard Victory provide the service offering both LOLO and RORO capabilities.

Each of the vessels will follow a 14 day rotation that will be composed of two loops. One loop is the current rotation leaving Miami on Friday, returning to Miami on Wednesday. The second loop will sail on Wednesday, call Panama, Costa Rica, and return to Miami on Thursday evening, to sail Miami again on Friday.

Unser the original rotation, the first loop departs from Miami on Fridays Tuesday in Puerto Limon, Wednesday in Cristobal, Thursday in Puerto Limon, Sunday AM in Santo Tomas, Sunday PM in Puerto Cortes, and then arrives Miami on Wednesday.

The second loop will sail Miami on Wednesday, Cristobal on Sunday, Puerto Limon on Monday,and then return Thursday evening to Miami, to again sail on Friday. The use of these vessels in this manner will now provide eight sailings per month, with five to six of the these sailings having RORO capacity.

Jose Concepcion, Seaboard Marine’s VP-Central America said, “Panama and Costa Rica are two of the five original countries that Seaboard served when we started in 1983. They have always been a key part of our success, and with these additional sailings, we will be able to better meet customer requests for more sailings from Miami.”