Seaboard Marine will no longer provide chassis for cargoes imported or exported via Brooklyn, NY or Port Newark, NJ effective January 1, 2012. All motor carriers must provide chassis for these shipments. This change only impacts these two ports. It does not impact other locations in which Seaboard Marine provides chassis.

Under the new chassis provisioning plan, motor carriers for both shippers and consignees in Brooklyn and Port Newark will be responsible for supplying chassis. For motor carriers that do not have their own chassis, they are available through TRAC Intermodal’s Metro Pool operation. In order to use TRAC Intermodal chassis to service Seaboard Marine shipments at the above Metro Pool locations, a motor carrier must be registered as a TRAC Connect customer, have accepted the terms and conditions of the TRAC Connect Interchange Agreement, and be fully approved by TRAC Intermodal at the time the motor carrier out-gates a TRAC Intermodal chassis.

If a motor carrier has not already registered with TRAC Connect, they may do so at www.tracconnect.comto obtain an Interchange Agreement or they may contact a TRAC Intermodal representative at 1-877-987-2226. Alternatively, customers may directly contact TRAC Connect’s Mr. Doug Elwell ( or Mr. Wayne Macoon ( for more information.

By fully phasing to the TRAC Interpool Metro Pool program at the Brooklyn and Port Newark facilities, truckers should see improved operational efficiencies through quicker turnaround times as terminal space will be freed-up. Our customers and their truckers should see greater flexibility as yard congestion is improved. Further, reduced idle times while in these terminals will create a favorable environmental impact as pollution is reduced and fewer intermittently used chassis will be moved and stored.

Seaboard Marine appreciates the support of our valued customers and their motor carriers as we make this transition in 2012 in both Brooklyn and Port Newark.