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Seaboard Marine is pleased to announce the expansion of our North Atlantic Service to now also include Central America. The weekly service will, for the first time, include Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. Transit times to and from destinations within the existing service, which include the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica, will remain unchanged.


“As we start 2015, we are excited for this service expansion,” said Jose Concepcion, Vice President of Central America. “We’ll now be among the fastest transit times in the region. The extension of this service provides our valued customers additional opportunities to improve their supply chain performance.”


Joining Brooklyn, New York and Newark, New Jersey, Seaboard Marine will also add Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to its U.S. East Coast operations. Penn Terminals, a multipurpose marine terminal, will support operations and stevedoring in Philadelphia. In operation since 1986, the eighty (80) acre Penn Terminals facility is well equipped and capable of efficiently handling  a variety of cargo types.


“With the addition of Philadelphia our coverage and service scope in the U.S. Northeast is greatly enhanced,” said Concepcion.  “Both import and export customers now have more options and increased flexibility when booking cargo.”


For more information on Penn Terminals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania visit: