The Beacon Council tonight at the Fontainebleau Hotel awarded Seaboard Marine with the prestigious International Commerce/Multinational Corporation Award. The Seventh Annual Beacon Awards are annually bestowed to the Miami-Dade County businesses or leaders who have led the way in creating new jobs and investment, as well as providing the leadership to grow their industry.

As Miami-Dade County’s official economic development partnership, The Beacon Council is charged with bringing new job-generating investments to the community, while assisting existing businesses in their efforts to expand. By doing this, The Beacon Council facilitates the creation of quality jobs for each and every resident of Miami-Dade County.

Since its creation in 1986, The Beacon Council has assisted over 750 companies locate and expand and helped create more than 75,000 direct and indirect jobs while retaining over 15,000 jobs. Ironically, Seaboard Marine also began its success story in the mid-1980’s, moved its primary cargo terminal to the Port of Miami in 1987 and now carries far more cargo to and from the Port of Miami than any other shipping line.

Frank Nero, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Beacon Council, said “Seaboard Marine has clearly demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to Miami-Dade County’s business community. Seaboard’s quality service and reliable shipping schedules has helped local industry reach out to the global marketplace.”

Edward Gonzalez, Seaboard Marine’s President, said, “On behalf of the employees of Seaboard Marine, we are extremely proud to be recognized. We appreciate the long-term partnership of the local business community, particularly the hundreds of family-owned firms that have supported us for more than 25 years. We have grown together. We also are thankful of the support of the Miami-Dade County Commission, Mayor Carlos Alvarez, and Port Director Bill Johnson for their efforts in creating a strong foundation and partnership between ourselves and the Port of Miami that will allow us to grow further and create more jobs.”