To better serve our customers, Seaboard Marine has recently invested in 500 new 40-foot high-cube containers. The latest addition to the fleet arrives at several of our port locations in the next two months. Once received, the new boxes will be immediately assimilated into our forty-foot fleet to support the growing needs of our import and export customers’ wide range of cargo.

Over the last five years, Seaboard Marine has acquired nearly 20,000 new dry containers, making our fleet one of the youngest in the industry. Our total container fleet now comprises of nearly 35,000 dry containers for transporting all cargo types, including retail products, vehicles, plastics, and much more.

“The acquisition of new containers is an ongoing goal of Seaboard Marine as we continue to provide the best equipment for our customers, whenever and wherever they need it,” said Edward Gonzalez, Seaboard Marine President.

As the premier carrier of the Americas, we continue to serve our customers with fast, convenient and reliable solutions. Seaboard Marine offers a large and comprehensive range of dry cargo containers to meet every customer’s requirements. Our modern equipment fleet guarantees a high-quality standard to carry a variety of cargoes throughout our network.