Seaboard Marine wishes to advise its valued customers of a change to the Free Waiting Time period for loading or unloading containers within the United States. These changes are the result of US motor carriers needing to reduce delays that impact their hours of service within the US. Effective April 22, 2018, customers are permitted one (1) hour of Free Waiting Time for local drayage areas around our terminals in Brooklyn, New York, Newark, New Jersey, Houston, Texas and all intermodal locations. The South Florida local drayage area will maintain one-half (1/2) hour Free Waiting Time. Following the expiration of Free Waiting Time a charge of $100.00 per half hour or fraction thereof ($200 per hour) will apply for all local drayage areas and $200 per hour or fraction thereof for all intermodal locations. This change is applicable to all tariff and service contracts.

Customers are encouraged to avoid delays at their loading or unloading facilities by:

  • Quickly accommodating drivers that were delayed in their arrival due to local traffic congestion.
  • Preparing the facility to receive drivers and reducing the time to position the container for loading or unloading.
  • Providing sufficient resources to timely load or unload the container.
  • Offering flexible receiving times at the loading or unloading facility.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.