Seaboard Marine wishes to remind its customers of regulations imposed by the Canadian government on inland weight rules on all cargo moving over the road in Quebec. During the thaw period, heavy vehicles travelling anywhere on the road network must reduce their loads in order to comply with the load limits set by the Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation.

The maximum cargo weight carried during the thaw period is as follows:
20’ Dry: 44,000* lbs maximum cargo weight
40’ Dry: 47,000* lbs maximum cargo weight
45’ Dry: 47,000* lbs maximum cargo weight
40’ Refrigerated: 48,000* lbs maximum cargo weight

*Additional weight may require specialized equipment which is subject to surcharge and availability.
The Spring thaw period is in effect as follows:
Zone 1 – From Monday, February 27th to Friday, April 28th
Zone 2 – From Monday, March 6th to Friday, May 5th
Zone 3 – From Monday, March 13th to Friday, May 12th

Depending on weather conditions, these dates may be brought forward or pushed back.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.