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To Our Valued Customers,

Seaboard Marine is making every effort to ensure that we can continue to provide excellent door service within the United States. Despite mounting driver shortages and the newly implemented Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, our team of inland professionals works relentlessly to adjust to this challenging environment to meet your growing demand for timely inland services. Unfortunately, the cost of these services are increasing and can no longer be absorbed by the door rate levels we currently provide. To meet your needs and ensure continued door services, we are implementing a Line-haul Surcharge, effective March 18, 2018.

All service contracts and tariff rates that provide a Door or Ramp service within the United States shall be subject to the Line-haul Surcharge. Seaboard Marine will apply the Line-haul Surcharge based on the CASS Freight Index, a widely accepted index throughout the industry, for adjustments to the base inland rates.

Seaboard Marine will modify the Line-haul Surcharge based on changes in the CASS Truckload Linehaul Index for All Motor through transportation rates and the CASS Intermodal Price Index for Intermodal (Motor/Rail) through transport rates where we provide Door or Ramp freight rates. Line Haul Surcharge:

The initial baseline for the Line-haul Surcharge shall be the December 2017 CASS Freight Index:

 CASS Freight Index CASS Freight Index Value
 CASS Truckload Line-haul Index 134.50
 CASS Intermodal Price Index 134.30


Effective March 18, 2018, the Line-haul Surcharge percentage will be 15.0% of the base inland rate for All Motor services and 14.0% for Motor/Rail services.

Additionally, due to decreases in motor carrier service hours stemming from the ELD mandate, rates for waiting time (driver detention) are increasing. Therefore, Seaboard Marine will adjust waiting time rates per the increased cost for driver detention. Such increases and wait times can be avoided by a facilities (load/unload) readiness to receive drivers.

Waiting time rates after the expiration of Free Waiting Time:

A.  Local Transport –
1. PortMiami, FL – $50.00 Per Half Hour or fraction thereof ($100.00 per hour)
2. New Orleans Port – $33.75 Per Quarter Hour or fraction thereof ($135.00 per hour)
3. All Other Ports – $28.75 Per Quarter Hour or fraction thereof ($115.00 per hour)

B. Intermodal Transport –
1. All Ports – $50.00 Per Quarter Hour or fraction thereof ($200.00 per hour)

As always, we thank you for your continued support.