The timely use of containers and chassis to meet your service requirements is critical to the success of Seaboard Marine operations. Seaboard Marine has invested heavily to provide and maintain the proper amount of equipment to satisfy your transportation needs and your assistance in using the equipment within the proper terms is fundamental to our mutual success. Your support in the timely release of Seaboard Marine equipment within the free time established in our general tariff or Service Contracts helps to avoid costly expenditures that ultimately impact transportation costs.

Seaboard Marine is pleased to announce the appointment of Veconinter Maritime Administrative Services S.A. (Veconinter) to manage the invoicing and collection of Import demurrage and detention in Haiti in accordance with the terms and conditions of our general tariff and Service Contracts. All container invoicing for equipment held beyond the terms of the general tariff or Service Contract will be processed by Veconinter.

Unless otherwise contractually agreed by Seaboard Marine, all payments for these invoices must be made through Veconinter at the address below.

Port Lafito – Dry Terminal
Route Nationale No.1
Port–au–Prince, Haiti

For your convenience Veconinter has provided the following contact information should you have any questions regarding their services:
• Local contact – Jose Musso, Caribbean Regional Manager
• Local phone number – 509-291-63030.
• E-Mail:

Banking information for payments:
Beneficiary Bank: Banque de l’Union Haïtienne, S.A. (BUH)
Accounts Numbers:
• HTG: 1400-0020673
• USD: 1400-0020681

If you are unclear about the general tariff rules governing equipment free time in Haiti, please refer to our tariff located at under the Rates & Tariff tab.

As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to serving your transportation needs for Haiti.