*Following ongoing postponement, the Costa Rica Terminal Handling Charge took effect March 9, 2019.

Please view the updated advisory here: Costa Rica Terminal Handling Charge

Seaboard Marine wishes to advise our valued customers that the Ministry of Transportation of Costa Rica has granted a port concession to APM Terminals for the operation of the Moin Container Terminal (MCT), located in Puerto Moin, Costa Rica. In early 2019, it is expected that the government of Costa Rica will transition container carriers to the new MCT terminal once the terminal attains certain performance thresholds.

Recently, Moin Container Terminal, with the approval of the Costa Rican government, identified the fees and charges applicable to ocean carriers and cargo moving through Moin Container Terminal. The fee structure is different and markedly higher than the current charges in Puerto Limon. The additional charge of $225 per container and $8 weight or measure for less-than-container loads is a direct result of the new rates imposed under the Government port concession. In addition, out of gauge and breakbulk cargo pricing terms will be changed to Free In/Free Out at Moin and the terminal charges will be assessed directly by Moin Container Terminal to the account of the cargo.

Due to the uncertainty of the specific date that Seaboard Marine vessels will begin shifting to Moin Container Terminal and to comply with U.S. regulations on tariff changes, the change to the Costa Rica Terminal Handling Charge has been published to take effect on March 9, 2019.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.