Seaboard Marine wishes to advise its valued customers of an increase to the following charges effective November 18, 2018. The increase will be applied on all northbound and southbound cargo between the ports of loading for Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana and the following countries: Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. The increase, applicable to all tariff and service contracts, is as follows:

1. Low Sulfur Diesel Charge (SA & ABC)
Breakbulk Houston/NOLA – $13.50 w/m

2. Panama Canal Toll Surcharge
LCL/Breakbulk/Units/Roadmaking Machinery: $29.00 w/m

3. Vessel Fuel Charge Chile (Gulf)
LCL/Breakbulk $35.00 w/m

4.Vessel Fuel Charge Peru (Gulf)
LCL/Breakbulk $35.00 w/m

5.Vessel Fuel Charge Ecuador
POL Houston/New Orleans
LCL/Breakbulk $35.00 w/m

6. Hazardous Cargo Houston/New Orleans
Less Than Container load (LCL), Unit Or Breakbulk – $10.00 w/m (Min $10.00) of the total base ocean freight will be applied If any portion of the cargo is identifiable as hazardous. The charge will only be assessed on the hazardous portion.

7. Break Bulk Shipments Originating or destined for Chile, Peru, Ecuador, shall be subject to a $75.00 bill of lading processing charge.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.