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Services - Routes

Seaboard Marine is a world-class ocean carrier with container shipping services between the United States, the Caribbean Basin, and Central and South America. Seaboard Marine's primary operations include a 135,000 square-foot warehouse in Miami for cargo consolidation and temporary storage, plus an 80 acre terminal at the Port of Miami.

Seaboard Marine's network of offices and agents throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean Basin maximizes fleet utilization for both northbound and southbound cargo to and from the countries we serve. Full service intermodal capabilities allow either truck or rail, import and export, cargo transport to and from various U.S. ports. Seaboard's frequent and reliable services offer our customers the convenience to coordinate manufacturing schedules to maintain cost-efficient inventory levels. Seaboard Marine's approach cultivates a partnership with our customers giving one of the most effective and efficient levels of service available in the industry.