Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Seaboard Marine has been very active in advancements with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Our Current Capabilities

The shipper or forwarder can use this transaction set to reserve cargo space.
This message is used to confirm the Booking Request (Message 300).
This message supplies the same information as the Shipper’s Letter of Instruction. It provides all the information necessary to prepare and distribute a contract of carriage (ocean bill of lading and other shipping documents).
This message is a summary of bills of lading on a manifest. It’s currently being used to exchange information with several overseas governmental authorities.
This system transmits inbound cargo information to US Customs and receives cargo release/hold status from US Customs.
This message includes all information normally found on a bill of lading, including freight charges.
This message is used to report status or event details (cargo receipt, departure and arrival) for individual shipments.
This message is used to communicate terminal and intermodal ramp activities (i.e. “ingates” and “outgates”)
This message provides all information necessary to communicate the schedule and itinerary of an ocean vessel.