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Seaboard Marine Continues to Monitor Tropical Storm Rina
October 28, 2011

Update: October 28, 2011 10:00am EDT. Seaboard Marine continues to monitor Tropical Storm Rina as the former hurricane continues to weaken.


The National Hurricane Center (NOAA) currently forecasts Rina to slowly drift south near the eastern coast line of the Yucatan Peninsula over the next three days.  They indicate that Rina will weaken further to a tropical depression and eventually dissipate early next week.


All of Seaboard Marine’s vessels in the region are presently on time and in accordance with their schedules. All vessels have been loaded and discharged, as normal, at various ports within the region.


We appreciated the support of our valued customers as we near the end of the 2011 Hurricane Season. We will keep you advised should the current situation change.