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Seaboard Marine Fully Functioning After Irene
August 26, 2011

August 26, 2011 (Final Update: 9:00 a.m. EDT). Seaboard Marine’s Miami office and Port of Miami facilities are both open today, as they have been all week, with Miami-based dispatch operations functioning normally.


The U.S. Coast Guard placed the Port of Miami under “Condition X-Ray” on August 23 which means that all terminals must secure empty containers and other equipment and commence other hurricane preparations. This order is expected to be lifted this morning. Seaboard Marine “advanced” some sailings to ensure that certain vessels were loaded and sailed on August 24. Although no Seaboard ships were berthed yesterday, Seaboard expects six vessels to dock at its Port of Miami terminal today with normal cargo discharging and loading scheduled. Please contact individual trade lane departments at 305-863-4444 for information on specific vessels.


Our Nassau, Bahamas office and terminal were closed yesterday, Thursday, August 25, but are open today, Friday (August 26). However we will be unable to release cargoes because Bahamian Customs and government offices are closed today. Irene’s eye passed slightly east of Nassau yesterday morning. Seaboard teams performed an inspection of our Nassau terminal late yesterday afternoon and observed damages were minimal. Instead of sailing on its normal Friday departure today, we intend to sail the Seaboard Spirit from Miami tomorrow, Saturday, August 27 for arrival in Nassau on Sunday, August 28.


Seaboard’s offices in the Dominican Republic report no damages to company equipment or port facilities in Rio Haina and Puerta Plata. Both terminals have resumed normal operations. There have been no damages at Seaboard’s facilities in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


The Florida East Coast Railway is operating its normal intermodal train schedule to/from Jacksonville and Miami. The CSX railroad reports that they are taking precautionary measures along the U.S. East Coast in preparation for Hurricane Irene. Local service curtailments in some areas of coastal North Carolina and coastal Virginia will be made as necessary.