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Seaboard Improves Haiti Service
January 03, 2011

Seaboard Marine is adding a directly weekly sailing to/from the Port of Miami and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Effective January 13, 2011, the M/V Greetsiel, a cellular container vessel, will depart from the Port of Miami every Thursday and arrive direct at the Port of Port-au-Prince on Saturday, returning to the Port of Miami each Tuesday.

With this service enhancement, Seaboard Marine will now offer two southbound sailing to Haiti. The M/V Greetsiel will sail each Thursday and arrive in Haiti in less than three days while customers can also sail from Miami on Friday with a relay to Port-au-Prince via Kingston (five days). Additionally, Seaboard will be offering two direct northbound sailings departing Port-au-Prince on every Saturday (four days) and every Tuesday (three days) to the Port of Miami.

Jose Concepcion, Seaboard Marine Vice President, said, “Unfortunately 2010 was a difficult year for Haiti but as the new year arrives, Seaboard Marine continues to be dedicated to strengthening the Haitian economy, not just by continuing with humanitarian aid, but also by rebuilding its infrastructure through providing a reliable transportation network that will serve as a solid foundation for our valued Haitian customers. These improvements in Seaboard’s sailing frequencies will be of particular benefit to construction firms as well as Haitian exporters such as the apparel industry and mango growers.”