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Haiti Offices and Port Closed Due to Tomas
November 03, 2010

November 5, 2010. 9:00a EDT update.  The country of Haiti continues under a Hurricane Warning due to the threat posed by Hurricane Tomas. As a result, the main port in Port-au-Prince and Seaboard’s local office and terminal (Maritime Logisitics of Haiti) all closed yesterday and remain closed today. As a result, Seaboard’s regular sailing to Port-au-Prince has been delayed.

After being closed yesterday afternoon and early this morning, our offices and the main port in Kingston, Jamaica are expected to fully re-open later this morning. Vessel and terminal activities in Kingston should resume by mid-afternoon. The office, terminal and warehouse operations in Montego Bay, Jamaica are open as usual.

Even though parts of the Dominican Republic are under a Tropical Storm warning today, all Seaboard offices are open and terminal facilities are operating normally. Seaboard vessels are currently docking at Dominican ports on schedule while vessel activities such as loading and discharging containers are being performed as usual.

We will update this article as more information becomes available. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers as we enter the final month of the 2010 Hurricane Season.